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almost 8 years ago

Submitting your project, Music, and more

Hey Hackers!

If you've already sent your information to me by email, thank you for the prompt replies! If you have not you may not be guaranteed food at the event. Send cttang @ sfu . ca your Name, University Email, Year/Major, Diet/Allergies by end of today.

I want to share some important instructions for this weekend. We're using ChallengePost to showcase all your projects and support the judging.  

1) Visit the Home page and then click make a New Submission. Once you save a draft submission you can access it from the Home page.  Every person in your team must be registered for the hackathon.

2) Only one person from your team will Enter a Submission.  Toward the bottom of the submission form, it will ask you to add your teammates' email addresses. Make sure you enter the same email addresses your teammates used to create their ChallengePost accounts.

3) Start early by typing in what you can on the submission form, and then save it as a draft. That way you won't be rushed toward the end. You'll be able to keep updating it until the deadline on Saturday!

I'll have speakers at the event on Saturday, so give some music genres or specific song suggestions in this Music Discussion and I'll make a playlist.

Remember that you can't bring any code to this hack.  For app ideas, consider projects for Direct Relief or The Nature Conservancy and your app may be featured by these organizations or on the frontpage of the Microsoft Research site.  Also take a look at the SFU Passion Club app idea in the Updates.

- Carmen