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Final photos up!

The rest of our photos are up! These include the presentations, winners, and judge/mentor photos :)  Facebook Photo Album


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Lost & Found and Photos!

A pair of Glasses and a USB cord (to a phone it seems) were found by the large brown rectangular table by the windows at the front of the room. For a pic see HERE.  If any of these are yours, please pick them up at the SFU Burnaby CS office.

Also, PHOTOS ARE UP!! Only from one of the cameras, but the second camera's photos will be there soon :) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152857049318536.1073741829.180930513535

Remember to give us your feedback through our survey if you haven't already.

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Announcing the winners

The votes are in! Go to the gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the excellent submissions.

Even though the competition is over, don't stop hacking. Use your portfolio to keep your project up to date and get feedback from fellow makers.

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Thanks! Help us make our next hack better :D

Hey all!

Thanks for a fantastic hackathon event :) It was great to see so many of you come together, meet new people, and work on apps! We really want to know how to make our hackathons better (especially since this is our first joint hackathon!), so let us know your thoughts!

From past events it appeared that groups of 1-3 were most efficient, but there was a phenomenal amount of collaboration going on today :) which was awesome.

We hope you'll join future hacks and put a polished version of your project on the marketplace! Photos will be out…

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Feedback Survey

Hi hackers!

We're a little more than halfway through the event now! Remember to look at the Submissions page to take a look at what you'll need to fill out.

When you have time, please fill in this survey for us, it'll help when making future hackathon events :) http://websurvey.sfu.ca/survey/191076184

Keep it up! A little over 3 hours to go!

- your SFU IWH team


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Important Event Information

Hey Hackers! 

It seems most of you haven't made a draft submission yet...don't forget to look at it beforehand on the Submissions Page!

If you are transiting to SFU from Vancouver, you can take the 135 from Downtown, 144 from Metrotown, or 145 from Production Way Skytrain Station.  Once at SFU, get off at the main bus loop (SFU transit exchange bay 1 to 4) by Cornerstone.  Walk down the stairs/trail immediately south and follow the road as it curves right into the Applied Science Building.  Once in the building, turn left and walk straight, past the stairs, through…

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Resources for New Coders

Introduction to programming  

If you are new to programming and haven’t taken your first programming class at your university, try these great introductory courses on Kahn Academy: http://www.khanacademy.org/cs/programming/intro-toprogramming/p/sneak-peek-making-an-awesome-program.   

An easy to learn language is Python. Python runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and has been ported to the Java and .NET virtual machines. Tutorials to help you get started: https://wiki.python.org/moin/BeginnersGuide/NonProgrammers and http://www.learnpython.org/   

Lastly, in the toolkit, we've added some starter kits and walkthroughs in some good-for-beginner technologies.  

Construct 2 - make games (Windows  only) 

App Studio - Make apps online (no

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Speaker, Mentors, and Judges

Announcing our Keynote Speaker, Mentors, and Judges!  A big thanks to our generous sponsors MPC Film and Microsoft! :)  We will also be joined by MPC Recruiter Alison Robb.



Dominique Kwiek, Software Developer (FX), MPC Film

Dominique is a member of the development team who has been at MPC for a couple of years and before that worked at Aardman Animation in Bristol, England for a year or so.  Before that she was a PhD student at Bristol University.  She'll be talking about fusing a passion for art with technology and the freedom that choosing a career in Software has given…

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Submitting your project, Music, and more

Hey Hackers!

If you've already sent your information to me by email, thank you for the prompt replies! If you have not you may not be guaranteed food at the event. Send cttang @ sfu . ca your Name, University Email, Year/Major, Diet/Allergies by end of today.

I want to share some important instructions for this weekend. We're using ChallengePost to showcase all your projects and support the judging.  

1) Visit the Home page and then click make a New Submission. Once you save a draft submission you can access it from the Home page.…

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Registration HAS CLOSED on Wednesday night.

If registered before Thursday, TO COMPLETE REGISTRATION please email your NAME, UNIVERSITY EMAIL, YEAR/MAJOR, and ALLERGIES/DIET PREFERENCES to cttang @ sfu . ca (without spaces) by Thursday, November 13, 2014, or else we cannot guarantee food for you. If you cannot make the event please let us know.

For any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me at that email.

- Carmen

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Complete your Registration, Updates and more

Hey everyone!

If you have not already, to COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION please email cttang @ sfu . ca (without spaces) your: NAME, UNIVERSITY EMAIL, YEAR/MAJOR, and any FOOD ALLERGIES/DIET PREFERENCES.

Use the Participants page to find teammates and introduce yourself! Get brainstorming and connecting! :)

More updates can be found in Hackathon Updates or the Facebook event

- Carmen

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Visual Studio Tips

Visual Studio Tips:

If you're looking to do some serious coding, Visual Studio is for you. 13 TIPS FOR VISUAL STUDIO  

If you're a student, check out DreamSpark and download Visual Studio here: https://www.dreamspark.com/Product/Product.aspx?productid=72  

If not, download Visual Studio Express here: http://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/products/visual-studio-express-vs.aspx  

You may enjoy watching this video: Build your first iOS App with Visual Studio and Xamarin 

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Excellent Resources pre-Hack

Hey all,

Here's some great links and information to look at to prepare for the hack on Saturday :) Start thinking of app ideas!



Are you interested in using Microsoft Azure for your hack?  

Sign up for BizSpark here: http://aka.ms/bizsparkiwh and get free Azure usage. 

You'll register your own start-up, which you'll need to come up with a name for. You qualify as a startup because you're developing software products 

Stuck? Contact IWHToolkitHelp@microsoft.com 


Using APIs:   

An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a webbased

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App Idea: SFU Passion Club

We are pleased to feature an app idea from the SFU Passion Club! If you are interested in creating an app to empower women across SFU by providing a social forum and a hub for school and career advice/news, please view the .docx link and message Niyanta (nbaniya @ sfu . ca), the president of SFU Passion Club. :)

If there are groups interested in this she will be present at the hackathon to provide more ideas and guidelines for the app.


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It turns out that responding to the last Update does not send a message to me :( 


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University Email needed!

Hi everyone, please message me (Carmen T) with your University email address, Year/Major, and food allergies or preferences (if any) by Wednesday, November 12 to complete your registration.